D2DU Solar

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Learn from the best solar salesmen in the industry.


Learn from the best solar salesmen in the industry that have sold over 250 accounts in one year. Learn how to pitch solar, set appointments and close more deals with this training. Learn from the Experts in Solar: Sam Taggart, Michael O’donnell, Chris Adams, Pete Winston, Connor Free, and many others. These are reps and leaders that have sold over 250 accounts in one year! They go over the pitch, presenting, closing and more.

Here's What You Get

Course 1: Foundations: Solar Overview (12 Chapters)
Course 2: Winning at the Door (7 Chapters)
Course 3: Setter (14 Chapters)
​Course 4: Solar Process and Live Door Approach (13 Chapters)
​Course 5: Door Approach(9 Chapters)
​Course 6: Live Door Approach Examples (16 Chapters)
​Course 7: Presenting Principles (13 Chapters)
​Course 8: Advanced Solar Tips (13 Chapters)
​Course 9: Deep Dive: Mike O’Donnell (22 Chapters)
​Course 10: Closing Training (9 Chapters)
Course 11: How to Sell 22 Solar Deals In a Day (1 Chapter)
Course 12: Presentation Deep Dive (11 Chapters)
Course 13: Objection Role Play (9 Chapters)
Course 14: PPA – Matt Crowther (9 Chapters)
Course 15: Live in Home Solar Presentation (2 Chapters)
Course 16: Solar Information Mikey Lucas (5 Chapters)
Course 17: Selling a Customer via Zoom (1 Chapter)
Course 18: The Hardest Customer (11 Chapters)
Course 19: Solar Objections (8 Chapters)

Bonus: D2DU 101 Courses including Area Management, Mindset, Work Ethic, ABC of Closing, Referrals and more.

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