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Learn from the best pest control salesmen in the industry.


Learn from the best pest control salesmen in the industry. 2 guys sold over 1,000 accounts in one year. Learn how to pitch pest, and close more deals with this training. Learning from “Golden Door” winner, Parker Langeveld, who did 134 pest accounts in 1 week, to Mitch Matthews, Dan Bajza, and Josh Zuniga. Drew Hansen and Cody Olive break down what it takes to get to the next level. Learn how to sell over 1,000 accounts at contract values over $600 contract value.

Here's What You Get

Course 1: General Pest Pitches (4 Chapters)
Course 2: Pest Fundamentals-Cody Olive & Drew Hansen (6 Chapters)
Course 3: Parker Langeveld-Pest Fundamentals 101 (6 Chapters)
​Course 4: Parker Langeveld- Full Sales Course (11 Chapters)
​Course 5: Parker Langeveld- Switchover (4 Chapters)
​Course 6: Parker Langeveld- The Sales Wheel (5 Chapters)
​Course 7: Parker Langeveld- Closing (12 Chapters)
Course 8: The Pitch-Joshua Zuniga (13 Chapters)
Course 9: The Switchover- Joshua Zuniga (8 Chapters)
Course 10: Pitch Course-Daniel Schofield (6 Chapters)
Course 11: Mitch Matthews-Live Door Pitches (9 Chapters)
Course 12: Daniel Bajza-Pest Objections (11 Chapters)
Course 13: Justin Tempest-Live Door Pitches (3 Chapters)
Course 14: Lenny Gray-Role Play Objections (12 Chapters)
Course 15: Selling Pest Over The Phone-Ben Corbett (8 Chapters)

Bonus: D2DU 101 Courses including Area Management, Mindset, Work Ethic, ABC of Closing, Referrals and more.

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