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Learn from the best roofing salesmen in the industry.


Learn from the best roofing salesmen in the industry. One guy sold over 127 million in roofs, 250 in one year. Learn how to pitch roofs, and close more deals with this training. Increase your sales by 3X and learn from the top 1% of door to door sales leaders in the world.

Here's What You Get

Course 1: Roofing Fundamentals (8 Chapters)
Course 2: Roof Sales Process (10 Chapters)
Course 3: Winning at The Door (6 Chapters)
​Course 4: 10 Step Selling Process (10 Chapters)
​Course 5: Stephen Pritchard Storm Approach Pitch (9 Chapters)
​Course 6: Storm Approach Examples (16 Chapters)
​Course 7: Presentation For Filing Claim (9 Chapters)
Course 8: Roofing in Home Demo (4 Chapters)
Course 9: Objection Exmaples (13 Chapters)
Course 10: Overcoming Objections During Closing (6 Chapters)
Course 11: Retail Door Approach Principles (6 Chapters)
Course 12: Steve Patrick-Working with Insurance (7 Chapters)
Course 13: Closing and Final Signature (6 Chapters)
Course 14: Litigation In Roofing-Phil Sanov (4 Chapters)

Bonus: D2DU 101 Courses including Area Management, Mindset, Work Ethic, ABC of Closing, Referrals and more.

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